SALUS RED BEET CRYSTALS (Organic) (7oz) 200g

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• Supports proper liver health
• Promotes body cleansing
• Helps maintain cardiovascular function
• May improve muscle performance
SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS is a pure concentrate made from carefully obtained certified Organic Red Beets, freshly pressed and produced with the utmost care. Naturally sweet tasting, SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS are instantly soluble and mix easily into smoothies, shakes, juices, soup, muesli, hot cereals and many of your favourite recipes. SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS are a convenient alternative to juicing fresh beets, for those with hectic schedules. For a nutrient-dense beverage, simply mix SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS in cold water or your favourite fruit or vegetable juice and serve. Or even eat it by the spoonful!
SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS contain all of the active constituents found in fresh beets including unique compounds called betalains, responsible for their dark red colour. Due to the content of betalains, SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS aids in the production of an antioxidant in the liver called glutathione, which works to remove chemicals, toxins and heavy metals in the body including mercury, excreting them through the liver to support body cleansing.
SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS offers a variety of phyto-nutrients along with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Providing many health benefits, SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS may be especially useful for maintaining the health of the cardiovascular and muscular systems. Because of the high content of a nutrient called nitrates, known to lower diastolic blood pressure levels (the bottom number that indicates the pressure in the arteries during the resting phase of your heartbeat), SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS may help maintain overall cardiovascular function. Also a known vasodilator, the dietary nitrates contained in SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS may help improve the functions of the muscular system by delivering more oxygen and more nutrients directly to muscle tissue through widened blood vessels.
Body Cleansing: SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS offers powerful antioxidant abilities that help protect each cell in the body from free radical damage. Also able to increase the secretion of glutathione in the liver, SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS may boost the actions of other antioxidants in the body and promote excretion of toxins from the liver.
Blood Pressure: Containing dietary nitrates, SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS provides benefits to the cardiovascular system as it helps to maintain blood pressure levels already within normal range. Also known to help reduce diastolic blood pressure, SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS may help maintain overall cardiovascular function.
Muscle Performance: SALUS® RED BEET CRYSTALS acts as a vasodilator due to its content of dietary nitrates. These compounds work to dilate blood vessels, delivering more blood and essential nutrients to muscles, which may improve overall performance of the muscular system.
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Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon (10 g)
Servings Per Container:  20

Amount Per Serving            
• Calories 35     
   Calories from Fat 0         
• Total Fat 0 g      
   Saturated Fat 0g     
   Trans Fat  0g     
• Cholesterol  0mg 
• Sodium 65mg            
• Total Carbohydrates 8g      
   Dietary Fiber  0g      
   Sugars  6g      
• Protein <1g   
• Vitamin A   0%
• Vitamin C  4%
• Calcium    0%
• Iron 2%

Other Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Red Beet Crystals
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Unless otherwise indicated, take 1 heaping teaspoon (approx. 10g) in a glass of water 2-4 times daily before meals.