L-LEUCINE 500mg 60 Capsules

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L-Leucine: Important for body builders and other athletes in sports that demand explosive strength
• Helps preserve lean muscle tissue
• Essential to your basic health
• Supplies the body with energy when under stress
• Enhances thinking abilities that can decline as physical activity becomes more intense
• Preserves muscle glycogen
• Maintains nitrogen balance
What is L-Leucine?
L-Leucine is one of three essential branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) that's broken down in fat structures. The other two essential BCAA's are L-Valine and L-Isoleucine. L-Leucine can not be made by the body, and must be acquired through food or dietary supplements. It can be found in nuts, brown rice and whole wheat bread products.
What does L-Leucine do?
L-Leucine comprises about eight percent of the total amino acid count in your body's protein structures; it is the forth most concentrated amino acid in skeletal muscle tissue. As one of the three BCAA's, L-Leucine is essential to your basic health. L-Leucine has many beneficial effects on sports performance. It helps preserve lean muscle tissue, supplies the body with energy when under stress (i.e. when engaging in athletic activity), it preserves muscle glycogen (glucose stored in muscle tissue used to power muscular contraction), it maintains nitrogen balance, and it enhances thinking abilities that can decline as physical activity becomes more intense.
The effects of L-Leucine in the diet are profound. As the strongest of the BCAA's, L-Leucine is what's known as a "limiting nutrient" - meaning that you must have enough L-Leucine in proportion to other amino acids in order for your body to make use of what you eat. This simply means if you suffer from an L-Leucine deficiency, your body will not be able to make use of the protein that you give it - no matter how much protein you consume. And, unless you have enough L-Luecine, the amount you spend on quality food and dietary supplements will be wasted.
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Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 20
Amount Per Serving:
• Calories 5  
• L-Leucine 1.5 g
Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), colloidal silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate.

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Take 2 to 3 capsules daily between meals.