CALCIUM 1200mg With Vitamin D3 25 mcg 60 Softgels

Brand: Newton Everett Nutraceuticals

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Purity, Potency and Bioavailability Guaranteed.

Newton-Everett® is driven to deliver highly potent, ultra-pure nutritional products with uncompromised quality. Our new premium-grade liquid extracts and liquid softgels are designed to provide an ideal delivery vehicle for maximum absorption and enhanced bioavailability.
Pure and Potent:

All Newton-Everett® liquid extracts and liquid softgels are independently tested using the most advanced equipment and test methods, including HPLC and GC-MS for purity and potency by third party laboratories. This guarantees purity from mercury, lead, PCB’s and other contaminants. Independent microbiological testing is also performed to ensure supplement purity and safety.
The bioavailability of nutritional supplements is an often-overlooked factor. Bioavailability basically means “the proportion of a nutrient or bioactive ingredient that was absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract” for use or storage in the body. After passing through the intestinal wall lining, the ingredients enter your bloodstream and find their way to their target organ or body system where they go to work performing their specific duties to support your health and make you feel great.

What it Calcium With Vitamin D?

An adequate calcium intake and adequate body stores of vitamin D are important foundations for maintaining bone density and strength. However, vitamin D and calcium alone are not sufficient treatment for osteoporosis. They are given in conjunction with other treatments.


• Your body cannot make its own calcium; calcium must come from your diet or from supplements.
• Your body will remove the calcium from your bones if not enough calcium is available from dietary or supplemental sources.
• If too much calcium is taken from your bones, they become weak and can fracture.
• All calcium is the same, whether it comes from food or from supplements.
• No matter what the source, the maximum amount of calcium you can absorb at one time is 500-600 milligrams (mg). Therefore, you need to get your recommended daily calcium intake throughout the day.

Vitamin D:

• Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium from your diet and deposit it into your bones.
• Your body can produce its own vitamin D. To do this, you must get direct sunlight every day. Clothing and sunscreens interfere with the body's ability to make vitamin D.  Also, those who live in the North may not get enough vitamin D from sun exposure.
• Vitamin D can also be obtained from certain foods such as dairy products or from vitamin supplements.
• You do not need to take your vitamin D and your calcium at the same time.
• Unlike calcium, you can take all your recommended daily vitamin D at once.

Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency:

Since the bone stores of calcium are used to maintain adequate blood calcium levels, short-term dietary deficiency of calcium generally does not result in significantly low blood calcium levels. Long term, dietary deficiency of calcium ultimately depletes the bone stores, leaving the bones weak and prone to fracture. A low blood calcium level is more often the result of a disturbance in the body's calcium regulating mechanisms, like insufficient PTH or vitamin D, rather than dietary deficiency. Nerve and muscle impairments can result due to low levels of calcium.

Combining certain prescription drugs and dietary supplements can lead to undesirable effects such as:

• Diminished drug effectiveness
• Reduced supplement effectiveness
• Impaired drug and/or supplement absorption

Given that no two cases are alike, all patients should be aware of the potential drug-nutrient interactions that may exist and are encouraged to follow up with their primary health care professional.

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Serving Size: 2 Softgels  
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving:
• Vitamin D3  25 mcg
    (as Cholecalciferol)
• Calcium  1200 mg
    (as Calcium Carbonate)              

Other Ingredients: Soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, corn oil, sorbitol, soy lecithin, titanium dioxide, yellow beeswax, purified water.

Contains: Soy.

Contains No: Artificial flavor, preservatives, sugar, starch, milk, lactose, or fish.

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For adults, take 2 softgels daily, preferably with meals.

Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Store in a cool, dry place.