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BOAR BRUSH + ARGAN OIL (Organic) (2oz) 59ml

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Grooms all hair types
Redistributes nourishing oils
Tames frizz & flyaways
Features unique boars bristles
BOAR BRUSH features an ergonomic handle that helps maintain control while styling. Made with boar bristles, BOAR BRUSH is gentle on delicate hair, and the scalp. Detangles and grooms all hair types and lengthens with unique boars bristles that help to distribute oils from the scalp, all the way down the hair shaft for healthy-looking hair with a natural glow. Stimulate the production of nourishing oils that help protect hair, with soft bristles safe for daily brushing.
Easy Styling: Designed for styling and shaping of short to long hair, BOAR BRUSH features an ergonomic handle to create styles without adding frizz.
Shine: BOAR BRUSH works to redistribute oils throughout hair better than plastic bristles to boost shine for healthy looking hair.
Flyaways: BOAR BRUSH features soft boar bristles, perfect for smoothing frizz and taming flyaways.
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