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Heritage® Alka Thyme Mouthwash  is a refreshing way to eliminate morning breath. Heritage® replaced denatured alcohol with grain alcohol, eliminated the red food colouring and used pure vegetable glycerin. Make Alka-Thyme the choice for your oral care program, for alkalising your system as recommended in the Cayce readings, or as a gargle. Can also be a soothing relief for congestion when applied as a pack. Comes with child proof cap.

Improving on an already outstanding product is a challenge, but we're convinced we've done so with this clear version of Glyco-Thymoline. Alka-Thyme contains all the ingredients people have come to know and trust, with the natural grain alcohol advised by Cayce, but without the familiar red colouring, which is derived from the females and larvae of cochineal insects. The result is a versatile mouthwash and alkaliser that can be used in all the same helpful ways as Glyco. Since use of this popular product was advised in over 800 readings, we believe Alka-Thyme belongs in everyone's medicine cabinet.

• Refreshing Mouthwash
• Alkaline Cleansing Solution
• Eliminates Morning Breath
• Relaxing Topical Pack
• Certified by periodic laboratory test to be free of pesticide residues
• Cruelty Free

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Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Ethanol, Sodium Bicarbonate, sodium Borate, sodium Salicylate, Methyl Salicylate, Thymol and Frangrance: Eucalyptol (Cineol), Menthol and Pine Needle Oil (Pinus pumilions).

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For Dental Hygiene: As an alkaline mouthwash, swish full strength Alka Thyme through teeth. Because of its alkalinity, Alka Thyme will also disperse all traces of morning breath to freshen and deodorize the mouth for a clean, pleasant feeling throughout your day. You can also use Alka Thyme as a gargle or in a spray form.

For Full or Partial Dentures: Brush or soak in solution in one part Alka Thyme to two parts water to clean. Rinse mouth after removal of dentures to refresh and soothe the gums and mouth.

For Tired, Itchy Eyes: Apply an Alka Thyme soaked tissue or soft cloth on theclosed eyes.

For Baby: Apply equal parts Alka Thyme and water to baby's skin to neutralizeand soothe. Always dry area thoroughly following use.

As a Soothing Pack (Hot or Cold): Alka Thyme can also be soothing when applied as a pack to the head, and behind the ears. Saturate three of four thicknesses of cotton cloth or a washcloth with Alka Thyme, full strength or diluted as appropiate. Apply the pack for 15 minutes. Packs may also be heated by covering with a piece of plastic and using with a heating pad or hot water bottle and towel. Relax and feel the soothing power of Alka Thyme.